The Myth of Triple Scented

I've often been asked if my products are "Triple Scented" so I thought it might be a good time to expel some myths and explain..

Triple scented is a made up term that means various things to various people.

Some people use triple fragrance notes, some people use three different fragrances, some people do nothing special and use the term to indicate that their candles have triple the amount of fragrance. THE LAST STATEMENT IS NOT POSSIBLE !!! 

There are many different types of Soy Wax and Soy Wax blends on the market. These products can only hold between 10% - 12% maximum fragrance load before they become volatile and unsafe.

More fragrance in a candle does not mean it will smell stronger. Many variables come into play when creating the perfect candle. Wick type and size, quality of fragrance used, type of wax and room conditions, temperatures in particular, can all effect how strong a candle smells. Too much fragrance can not only become volatile, but will also clog the wick which will effect how the candle burns.

So next time you see candles advertised as triple scented please ask for more information, because this is what can happen to a candle that truly has triple the scent!!! 😟

*PLEASE NOTE: The candles shown were made and burnt in a controlled environment*

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