Do you sell Essential Oil Candles?

In short No. Essential Oils have amazing health benefits but some can become toxic when they are burnt. Others lose all health benefits when they are heated. We always recommend using an Aroma Diffuser for Essential Oils.

What type of wax do you use?

We use S100 soy wax. This is the only certified 100% Soy wax available on the market today. This wax contains no additives and is certified Vegan. Benefits of using Soy Wax are:
  • Soybean wax is derived from vegetables
  • Soy wax is 100% non toxic
  • Soy wax melts at a lower temperature so the risk of scolding is reduced
  • Soy wax burns 25% - 50% longer the paraffin wax
  • Soy wax burns clean
  • Soy wax is derived from a renewable resource
Are your candles Triple Scented?

The Triple Scented term is something that comes up alot. It is a marketing term, that I believe, confuses customers to believe it has triple the amount of scent. This is not possible. Soy wax and soy wax blends can only take a maximum of 10-12% fragrance. Any more than that can cause the candle to become unsafe and volatile. For more information please see blog post.